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A loan that is offered by a bank or financial institution against mortgage of property with less interest and longer repayment option.

A property loan is offered by a financial institution against mortgage of property. We help you with real-time details on eligible loan amount, rate of interest, EMI schedule and applicable charges. We also negotiate with banks on your behalf to save on interest rates.

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* PF & ST - Processing Fee & Service Tax , ROI - Rate Of Interest,
EMI - Equated monthly Installment
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  • Property loans start from Rs. 3.5 lakhs and can go up to 70% of the property value subject to eligibility and have an interest rate of 11 - 15%.
  • The loan can be repaid over a period of 15 to 20 years.
  • The value of the property to be mortgaged is determined by the lender’s Architect team called the Valuer.
  • This loan can be availed against residential, commercial and industrial properties.
  • The loan takes a minimum of 15 - 20 days to be processed.
  • Banks usually take into account factors such as the borrower’s income, age, property value, existing liabilities, current work experience, financial documents and number of dependents before ascertaining the loan value.
  • Property loans are repaid through Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) that comprise both the principal and interest.
  • The entire outstanding loan can be prepaid with an additional fee which is usually 2 - 4% of the outstanding principal. Some bank offers prepayment facility after 6 EMIs.
Home loan Personal loan Property loan
The loan can only be used for the cost of construction or property intended to be a house. The loan can be used to fund any personal expenses such as vacations, home renovations, etc. The loan can be used for any purpose as the borrower deems fit including personal expenses.
The rate of interest is usually 9.85-12% The rate of interest is usually 16 - 21% and can go upto 30% The rate of interest is usually 12 -16%
The loan can cover upto 80% of the value of the property but 20% is required as downpayment The loan is available from Rs. 50,000 upto Rs. 30 lakhs The loan is available from Rs. 10 lakhs upto Rs. 3 crores
Maximum loan tenure can go upto 30 years Maximum loan tenure is 5 years Maximum loan tenure is 15 years and can sometimes extend to 20 years


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  • 21 years of age for salaried individuals and 25 for self employed
  • 58 years of age for salaried individuals and 65 for self employed
  • Resident Indian/NRI
  • Rs 10,000
  • Salaried/ Self-employed professionals and nonprofessionals
  • *These are general terms only. Policy norms vary from bank to bank and customer to customer.

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